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When it comes to games, roll the dice in a game of Monopoly or travel down the road of Life. Shop and save on the most popular brands of toys and watch the sparkle of joy bloom in the eyes of your little Prince or Princess.

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Return your order to a local store or use their pre-paid label to return your purchase to one of their online return centers within 90 days. Sharing is caring.

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The process of redeeming a coupon code at Toys "R" Us starts with finding a code that best matches your intended purchase on Giving Assistant. After selecting your preferred code, you'll make your way to ToysRUs.

A code isn't required for every promotional offer. With some coupons or promos, the savings is automatically added as long as your selections meet the purchase requirements.

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You also have the option of paying for your purchase at your local Toys "R" Us store after making your initial product selections online. The Toys "R" Us website include a clearance section that's conveniently divided into product categories. While clearance items are updated on a regular basis, mainstays in this section tend to include dolls, stuffed animals, riding toys, outdoor playsets, and action figures. Depending on the item, clearance products sometimes include substantial savings from the original price, as is sometimes the case with featured electronics and learning toys found in this section.

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