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I have been collecting expired coupons from work and would like to send them along to someone overseas who is in need of these. Tons of food, cleaning products, toiletries, medicine coupons, etc… Thank you, Brandy. Hello from California, I have alot of coupons I would love to pass on. I get 6 Sunday papers every week, so I have alot..

I just mailed a package full of coupons to Guam. My next shipment will go out the end of March. If you would like me to send you the next bunch of coupons please let me know along with a mailing address. I just recently got into the coupon thing and fell in love with it. So if there is anyone who is willing to sent some expired coupons my way I would really be thankful for that person. Hi Hanna, I run an extreme coupon club and we were looking to adopt a family overseas that would be willing to share coupons. I would like to give your address to my team at my meeting tomorrow.

I will most likely be sending all of the coupons to you but hopefully it will help. Hi Denise, thank you so much. We will bring the coupons to the acs building here on base and they will be shared with the community. Thanks again! I am just getting starting on sending coupons to a base.

I hope people there are in need. A batch is on the way! I am currently stationed in South Korea and would love to receive expired coupons it would surely help me out alot. I am a single mother of two twin boys serving in the Armed Forces.

Where to Send Expired Coupons

I clip every coupon available so please contact me of you would like me to send directly to you. Also let me know if you want baby coupons, diapers formula and such! Hi Sarena Thanks for replying Actually I was looking for a family in England to send my coupons to But thanks for getting back to me Happy couponing Wendy. Hello to the person requestioning coupons if you email me with info name , address email etc will get back to you right away Many thanks Wendy.

I am sure I also have some other random coupons around the house.

Coups for Troops: Clipping Coupons for a Cause

If you or anyone you know of could use these please let me know and I will send them to you. I would hate for any of these to go to waste! Hi, I have collected a bunch of coupons from the local American Legion and I am looking for a military family to send them to. Please let me know if you are interested. Just let me know. Please contact me with your address by my email as that would be fastest..

Plus what type of things you buy. Love to hear from you. Valerie from Arkansas. Ive already acquired a number of expired coupons in learning about couponing. Hi, I would like some families to send coupons to. I would love to be send tons to alot of different families! I no how this world has gotten and tiems are hard for us all and how people dont let the ones of thire families who fight for us is not loved or thanked for it all and for going out fighting for us.

I am also sending my email address hopig you will email me and maybe become pin pals thanks alot ps this is the first time i have went on this website so if talk to me please email me at the above adress. Hi Sarah!! If you are still interested in sending coupons to overseas families, I have several families and friends here on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, including my family of 5, that would love to have them!!

They help so much in our budget planning. Thank you for your support and patriotism!! Would love to hear from you my email and also tell me what type of things you use. I rarely use them all anyway unless it is a hot item that I really need a supply of. I just saw this and I can offer to several families and have wanted to since I heard about the program.

It is a small way I can help in all of your sacrifices and efforts for our country. Hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Valerie from Arkansas. Hi Valerie!!

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Many of my friends and I are looking to receive coupons from the states. We all have families of different sizes and every little bit helps. Thank you for your care and help!

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HI Brittany, I am an avid couponer and would love to be able to donate my extra coupons for the families at the base. Do you have any idea how expensive it would be to mail a box occasionally or maybe monthly. I have never mailed anything overseas so not quite sure how to do it. Thanks for your help. So I would imagine that to be the most it would be to send if you are sending about 2, coupons or so.

Update I was sent back to va because my husband got sick but would like to thank everyone that sent me coupons it really helped out alot.

Coups for Troops | Valley Grange #

Being that I am back in the states if you would like coupons send me your address. I would love to receive coupons. My family and I are stationed in Guam, we have three children 10 and under. I also have several friends and acquaintences who I am also sharing the coupons with, so they will be put to good use, as many of us have little ones.

Thank you Nancy for your generosity!! We really appreciate it!! As you know how much every little bit helps!! I can use up to 6 months expired. Email me and i will send you my address. I have been collecting for another group Girl Scout leaders in AZ was saving for, but I missed the meeting when the sent them. I am sending them to you today or tomorrow.

I had no idea!! What a great idea! I would happily donate my expired coupons!