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If you have ever used coupons at the grocery store , then you know the routine. You cut coupons out of newspapers and magazines, take them to the store and use them to get discounts on certain products. A coupon is the same as cash. It's not that common any more, but some stores will even double a coupon's face value. Coupons are valid for 30 days from the date on which they are printed. Our online coupons are limited to two 2 prints per coupon offer. Our coupon offers are typically refreshed once per year, normally in the month of March.

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EatingWell provides valuable printable coupons from natural brands for food, groceries, natural remedies, natural beauty, nutritional supplements and pets. No registration required. Dollar, or food shortages?

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Tell us. Forget about clipping coupons, there are easier ways to get coupons for free — getting them from the Internet and printing then. Saving on food products is always great especially because we spend money on food every single day. What if you could save money on food every single day, every time you go buying food products?

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There are several different ones, but my favorite app is Rakuten. This app will allow you to get cash back on purchases that you make every day.

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The more organized your coupons are, the easier it will be to shop and to save. Organize your coupons both by product section at the store you shop at most, and by expiration date.

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Keep this in the back of your mind as you choose which coupons to clip and save, and which to throw out or pass along to someone else. Some grocery stores and pharmacy stores such as CVS offer double coupon days, and some stores will also allow you to use more than one coupon on the same item. Keep track of these things as you shop with coupons so that you can maximize savings and take advantage of extra savings where available. If a coupon is for a non-perishable item you use on a regular basis, consider using multiple coupons or buying the limit on store coupons in order to save money.

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In our house we eat a certain brand of pasta sauce on a pretty regular basis. You can also use this technique to stock up on frozen foods if you have a chest freezer. Our three favorite coupon sources are the weekly grocery store ads, Coupons.

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We set aside twenty to thirty minutes each week to use the three coupon sources we like best and take advantage of the coupons they offer that will save us money on things we already buy. We try to coordinate this time with the time we set aside to make our weekly menu and grocery shopping list. Then we hit the store and get things done, saving big time cash in the process.

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What are your favorite sources for coupons? What other tips do you have for saving money on groceries? We normally rely on manufacturer coupons or the Sunday paper. As you said, coupons are only valuable if you keep the ones for products you will purchase anyway. Now we just have the clearance racks to contend with. My preferred way of getting my coupons is online. However, I do get some of my coupons through the mail.

Whenever I know I need to go shopping for specific items or even just going to grab dinner at Chipotle , I just google coupons to print out or codes to use online! It is extremely convenient! Our neighborhood receives a plastic bag every Sunday in their driveway that contains ads from Sprouts, Publix, Target, Smartsource, Walgreens, and a Home section from the newspaper. We get it in our driveway off and on. It is never consistent.

I would like to know who to contact to make sure were receive this on a weekly basis.