This rule prohibits the goalkeeper from handling the ball again once he or she has released it for play; an offence results in an indirect free kick to the opposition. Furthermore any player negating the spirit of the new rule would be likely to be cautioned for unsporting behaviour and punished by an indirect free-kick. On 1 July , FIFA decided to extend the back-pass rule by applying it also to throw-ins from defenders to their own goalkeeper; in order to prevent further time-wasting, FIFA also established that if a goalkeeper holds the ball for more than five or six seconds the referee must adjudge this as time-wasting and award an indirect free-kick to the opposing team.

The position of goalkeeper is the only position in the game which is technically distinct from the others in the course of normal play. The Laws of the Game distinguish the goalkeeper from the other players in several ways, most significantly exempting them from the prohibition on handling the ball, though only within their own penalty area. The Laws mandate that one player on the team must be designated as the goalkeeper at all times, meaning that if a goalkeeper is sent off or injured and unable to continue another player must assume the goalkeeper position.

The Laws place no restrictions on a goalkeeper leaving their penalty area and acting as an ordinary player, though generally goalkeepers stay close to their goal throughout the match. Goalkeepers routinely perform extension dives. To execute this, they push off the ground with the foot nearest to the ball, launching themselves into a horizontal position.

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At this point, the ball may be caught or parried away from the goal. In the latter case, a good goalkeeper will attempt to ensure that the rebound cannot be taken by a player of the opposing team, although this is not always possible. Although goalkeepers have special privileges, including the ability to handle the ball in the penalty area, they are otherwise subject to the same rules as any other player. Goalkeepers are not required to stay in the penalty area; they may get involved in play anywhere on the pitch, and it is common for them to act as an additional defender or 'sweeper' during certain passages of the game.

Goalkeepers with a long throwing range or accurate long-distance kicks may be able to quickly create attacking positions for a team and generate goal-scoring chances from defensive situations, a tactic known as the long ball. Gyula Grosics from the Hungary " Golden Team " of the s was thought to be the first goalkeeper to play as the 'sweeper-keeper'. Some goalkeepers have scored goals.

As such, it is normally only done late in a game at set-pieces where the consequences of scoring far outweigh those of conceding a further goal, such as for a team trailing in a knock-out tournament.

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These players may take their team's attacking free kicks or penalties. Goalkeepers must wear kit that distinguishes them clearly from other players and match officials, as this is all that the FIFA Laws of the Game require. Although it was initially more common for goalkeepers to wear long-sleeved jerseys, recently several goalkeepers, such as Gianluigi Buffon , have also been known to wear short-sleeves.

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Most goalkeepers also wear gloves to improve their grip on the ball, and to protect themselves from injury. Some gloves now include rigid plastic spines down each finger to help prevent injuries such as jammed, fractured, and sprained fingers. Though gloves are not mandatory attire, it is uncommon for goalkeepers to opt against them due to the advantages they offer. At UEFA Euro , Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo famously took off his gloves during the quarter-final penalty shoot-out against England , knowing he was the next taker for his side.

He then went on to save Darius Vassell 's penalty using his bare hands before scoring his own kick to win it for Portugal. Though rare, goalkeepers are permitted to wear visored headgear such as a baseball cap to minimize glare from bright sunlight, or a knit cap to insulate from cold weather, at any time if they elect to do so. Goalkeepers have a very physically demanding job. They are the only players allowed to use their hands, except for throw-ins. Because of this, goalkeepers are often injured during breakaways, corner kicks, and free kicks since they put their bodies on the line.

Several famous goalkeepers have been injured in ways their counterparts could not possibly sustain. He made his debut match a couple of months later wearing a rugby-style headpiece. However, some goalkeepers manage to avoid injury and continue to play, many not retiring until their late thirties or early forties. Notably, Peter Shilton played for thirty-one years between and before retiring at the age of forty-seven.

In general, goalkeepers can sustain any injury to which their outfield counterparts are vulnerable. Common lower and upper extremity injuries include cartilage tears , anterior cruciate ligament tears , and knee sprains. Goalkeepers are crucial in penalty shootouts.

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Duckadam defended four consecutive penalties in the European Cup Final against Barcelona. Ceni scored his goals through free kicks and penalty kicks. At the international level, Dino Zoff has remained unbeaten for the longest period of time, [54] whilst Walter Zenga holds the record for longest unbeaten run in a FIFA World Cup tournament at five hundred seventeen minutes. He did not concede a goal in four hundred sixty-three minutes of World Cup play against France , Korea , and Togo —making Switzerland the only team in the history of the tournament not to concede a goal in normal time.

Iker Casillas holds both the record for fewest goals conceded in a European Championship with one in and the record for longest unbeaten run at a European Championship, beating the previous record held by Dino Zoff. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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